Golden Teacher – A Magic Mushroom of Knowledge

History of the Golden Teacher Mushroom 

The story of the originator of the Golden Teacher strain dates back to the mid-90\’s, in Amsterdam. A mycological researcher who was studying psilocybin mushrooms took a particular interest in the common Psilocybe cubensis mushroom and began to conduct a series of experiments with different substrates using various methods to grow these shrooms. The experimenter used many different substrates including aspen wood chips, rye grass seed, compost, coffee grinds, straw and even spent beer grains from microbreweries. After all these various experiments had been conducted over an extended period of time, his research eventually lead him to discover that the best substrate for growing this new potent mushroom was rye grass seed mixed with a high percentage of vermiculite or perlite.

After he had noticed more than once that his shrooms were turning out particularly potent he felt compelled to name it after his good friend Richard Shulgin who is known as “the godfather of MDMA” because he first synthesized it in 1965. This new species ended up being named Psilocybe Shulginenis which later became known as Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher due to its potency and unique golden brown coloration on maturity. Since then there have been several other similar variants created such as B+, Cambodian Gold and just plain old Golden Teachers which are often sold under different names by vendors online without any consistency or documentation about their origins resulting in some confusion among growers who may not fully understand what they\’re getting themselves into when buying them online without knowing how much psychoactive potential they might have or what kind of effects they\’ll produce during consumption.

Golden Teacher Effects

The effects of a Golden Teacher mushroom are a lot like those from other psilocybe cubensis strains. The onset of effects typically occur between 20-30 minutes after ingestion and last anywhere from 3-6 hours depending on dosage and your tolerance level. There’s a wide range of psychoactive effects that you may feel, but most users tend to experience feelings of euphoria, introspection, intense visual experiences like closed eyed visuals or open eyed vision with colors intensified, and even some mild stimulation in some cases. 

It\’s not uncommon for people to report feeling more talkative and interactive when taking psilocybe cubensis strains such as this one. Some people also experience an increase in general energy levels which can lead to increased physical activity when taken at higher doses which can help to promote even more vivid visual hallucinations. Some people who have tried this mushroom have also reported experiencing auditory hallucinations as well including hearing sounds like ringing bells, knocking on wood, or various other sound distortions which are often associated with shamanic rituals involving certain types of psychedelic plants and fungi. Many studies have shown that using psychedelic substances such as magic mushrooms is actually considered by researchers to be one of the most effective ways to induce spiritual epiphanies among different segments of society ranging from musicians, artists, writers and many others who use these mushrooms as part of their creative process. 

Growing Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teachers 

Golden Teachers grow best in a temperature controlled environment around 70 degrees Fahrenheit but it’s important that they are kept slightly cooler than most shrooms because they tend to fruit much better around room temperature rather than warmer temperatures which can result in premature pinning if the temperature gets too hot during fruiting stages. You should try your best to keep humidity levels below 50% during fruiting stages for best results since high humidity levels usually tend to impede proper development in the fruiting chambers if they get too high during critical stages for optimal growth. 

Keep the substrate moist but never soggy throughout fruiting stages since constant drying out can hold back growth significantly resulting in less potent fruits than what you might see otherwise if conditions were optimal for growth early on. For optimal results try using a casing layer made from peat moss or coco coir since these substrates tend to be great at holding moisture while still allowing air circulation so all areas will remain free from mold and diseases that could potentially kill off your shrooms before they\’ve had a chance to fully develop into ripe fruits ready for harvest!

What makes Golden Teachers so special? 

The original Golden Teacher strain is a very potent mushroom, with a high level of psilocybin and psilocin. The effects produced by the Golden Teacher are some of the most sought after psychoactive effects in the world. The active compounds within this mushroom can produce psychedelic effects which are often described as “mind blowing” and “life changing”. 

These types of experiences can allow people to get in touch with their feelings, emotions and mental states in a way that\’s not possible for them otherwise. This experience can be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from depression or anxiety because they\’ve been shown to lead to increased happiness while also reducing overall levels of psychological distress brought on by these issues. This particular mushroom has an extremely short growth period which averages at around 5 days depending on conditions such as temperature and humidity levels, it also has an average fruiting period that lasts between 3-7 days depending on the strain, substrate type, growing methods used and overall conditions. 

Overall the Golden Teacher is one of the most sought after mushrooms for its potency, it\’s easy to grow nature and extremely short fruiting cycle making it highly desirable among those who are just getting started growing shrooms at home or even more experienced cultivators looking for something new to try out already having tried all other strains available. 

The name itself is actually quite fitting when you consider what kind of effect you could expect from consuming this particular species of Psilocybe cubensis mushroom. By ingesting these mushrooms you\’ll typically feel very relaxed but energized at the same time which may make you feel like \”you can take on the world\” and ready to take on any challenge that may present itself before you without hesitation or fear! Common feelings following consumption include a sense of euphoria, pleasure and blissful sensations throughout your body; along with an increase in positive moods including feelings of joyfulness, excitement, happiness and even laughter while also boosting energy levels giving you lots of extra physical stamina necessary when working out physically or just going about your day-to-day activities! 

All these effects combined can produce great results when consuming these mushrooms during meditation sessions where many users have claimed that they were able to clear their minds completely; allowing them to concentrate fully while staying entirely focused throughout their entire session instead of being distracted by extraneous thoughts entering their mind causing them to lose focus creating less productive meditative sessions in the past before experiencing these same effects from consuming wildcrafted magic mushrooms like Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teachers!

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